24/7 Reception Make Treatment List Easy to Read

The information the reception company can see is limited to your treatment description.  So, if you list your treatments in a format like the one below;

Reference Description
BUPA Initial Treatment
AXA Initial Treatment
Aviva Initial Treatment

Its easy for someone at the clinic to work out the treatments however, the reception company will only see the following;

Initial Treatment
Initial Treatment
Initial Treatment

As you can tell, it would be difficult for them to get the correct appointment.  In these cases, they would not book the appointment and send an email to the clinic to contact the client.  You would still be charged for this call.

A workout for this would be to combine the reference into the description, so it would look something like below;

(BUPA) - Initial Treatment
(AXA) - Initial Treatment
(Aviva) - Initial Treatment

This may be something we can help with if you have many items.  Contact the Support Team for more information.